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Grand Ma’s Nut Pudding $10.00
Grand Ma’s famous recipe, dreamy chocolate and nut pud soaked in red wine sugar syrup with vanilla ice cream.
Strawberry Stack $10.00
Fresh strawberries soaked in brandy, layered between raisin short bread cookies topped with Chantilly cream.
Vienna Crepes $10.00
Delicate thin sweet crepes filled with dairy vanilla ice, smothered in rich chocolate fudge.
Black Forest Ice Cream Cake $10.00
Chef’s own pride and joy recipe, home made layered ice cream parfait with black cherries served with citrus compote.
Cheese and Greens Platter
A selection of Australia’s finest firm & soft cheese, served with water crackers, plump dried fruits & seasonal fresh fruits.
Two People $13.50 Four People $26.00 Six People $36.00
Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Short Black, Long Black & Flat White all $2.80.
Liqueur Coffees $8.50
Draught Beer available from the keg and the finest ales off the ice. Bojangles proudly stocks all major spirits and mixers.
All prices include GST.

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