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Homemade Herb & Garlic Bread $5.50
Bo’s Bruschetta $8.00
Crusty toasted damper loaded with finely diced tomato, red onion, cucumber and fresh basil enhanced with virgin olive oil and sweet balsamic vinegar.
Chicken Laksa $9.00
Garden fresh Asian vegetables with coriander, macadamia nuts, coconut milk, kaffir lime, puffed tofu and Malaysian spice tossed with noodles in a rich chicken broth.
Soup of the Day $7.00
Made daily with fresh stock from the pot
Territory Spring Rolls $13.50
Crisp golden rolls filled with finely diced crocodile meat, red onion, peppers and teriyaki sauce, served with a dipping sauce of mild chilli, coriander and parsley.
South Australia's finest Oysters


$14.50 half dozen

$26.50 dozen


$15.50 half dozen

$29.50 dozen

  Bo’s Outback Special Oysters with chopped kangaroo proscuito and wild lime $16.50 half dozen $29.00 half dozen  
Bloody Mary Oyster Shots $16.00
Half dozen mouth watering fresh South Aussie natural oysters hidden in a pool of vodka & spicy bloody mary mix.
Chicken and Pork Terrine $13.00
Homemade tasty chicken and pork terrine scented with fresh herbs, crammed with sour cherries and pistachio nuts, on Asian greens with chilli jam and herb scones.
Pickled Baby Octopus $14.50
Tender baby octopus pickled in lemon myrtle spiced balsamic vinegar on mesculin leaves with crisp anchovy biscuits.
Honey Chilli Prawns $15.00
Half dozen marinated prawns pan fried with lemon myrtle, sweet chilli and cream, served with fragrant fluffy rice.
Olive and Herb Focaccia $12.50
Lightly toasted herb focaccia bread filled with kalamata olives, semi dried tomatoes, oven roasted sweet peppers and melted cheese, served with Territory fries and crisp green salad.
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