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Top Ten Emails
YourName: Nikki Share
YourLocation: Manchester England
Message: Here is a request for my little sister helen who is shaking her bottom on the dancefloor. Love u monkey sister
ArtistName: Cyndi Lauper
ArtistSong: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

YourName: Jennifer
YourLocation: holland
Message: Whay are all the good looking men on the other side of the world?!? I spotted some really cute ones on cam (like the one at the bar with dark hair and a white shirt)! I guess it's time to get a ticket to Australia!
ArtistName: Phil Collins
ArtistSong: You can't hurry love

YourName: Rebecca Gansner Johnson
YourLocation: Chur Switzerland
Message: Comming home in March from the cold Swiss winter and looking forward to kicking up the heels at Bo's....always check out the web cam just in case I see some of the old crew...
ArtistName: Leny Kravitz
ArtistSong: Fly away

YourName: Linda Scott
YourLocation: onboard cruise ship MARCO POLO off the coast of RIO DE JANEIRO
Message: Just discovered your site! I'm working onboard the cruise ship Marco Polo off the coast of Rio de Janiero ...great web cams...you guys are the best!!!Party On..wish I was there!!
ArtistName: Dire Straits

YourName: Dave, Pauline, Monty & Arches Bexley
YourLocation: Worthing, Sussex, England
Message: Message for Kimberley Jones:- We will be looking out for you on the webcam tonight (12th). From all of us in Worthing (including ex resident Billy Idol!) Have a great time Kim and I bet it's REEEAAAL 'Hot in the City' tonight!! All our love....
P.S. Monty's missing you!!
ArtistName: Billy Idol
ArtistSong: Hot in the City

YourName: Richard Constable
YourLocation: Tel Aviv , Israel
Message: Hi all at bojangles and a big hello to my brothers Martin and Spencer Constable and their families and to my nephew Josh Constable (Australian Surfer) and lets see some more wins on the surf circuit this season.I will be seeing you all in the very near future.
ArtistName: Madonna
ArtistSong: Any choice please..

YourName: Bill
YourLocation: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Message: say hello to the girls on the dance floor for me and wave at the camera. Ihope they have a great night
ArtistName: areosmith
ArtistSong: livin on the edge

YourName: DJ Bad Kitty
YourLocation: Pennsylvania, USA
Message: Your web cam is so cool, i check it out every day, i wish i could come there someday! Your bar is awesome and it looks sooo fun there!!!
ArtistName: talking heads
ArtistSong: and she was

YourName: Marie Curry
YourLocation: New York City, USA
Message: To Teresa, Joe and MIchael McGuirk - greetings to you all from the Big apple. Found the Bojangles website and felt very nostalgic for the many nights spent drinking there!. With best regards, Marie Curry, Ireland and New York City
ArtistName: Abba
ArtistSong: Dancing Queen

YourName: Tim
YourLocation: Perth
Message: This livecam is the best cam i have ever seen on the world wide web. I am planning a trip to the red centre. Great work.
PS, can you tell the 3 girls that have a phone and waving at the camera..great work
ArtistName: boyz 2 men
ArtistSong: ill make love to you

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